Find the remotest region in the north, multiply it by two and square it. Then do other complex calculations to it and you will then fathom the remoteness of the most amazing region in the Himalayas! The Pangi Valley.  Cut off from the rest of the country for over six months in a year, the Pangi valley is unimaginably picturesque, full of wild, untamed grandeur.

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The Pangi valley is divided into the Saichu, Hudan Bhatori and Sural Bhatori valleys and are all above 7000ft elevation. Roads are poorly maintained, if any. It is an adventurers paradise.


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With most riders and tourists making a beeline for Ladakh and Spiti, this is one of the few unexplored regions of Himachal still unscathed by unruly visitors from the plains, tainting the happy, smiling, ever helpful faces of the inhabitants of the region.

Pangi can be approached via three distinct routes, each offering breathtaking scenery and snow covered peaks all around.

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From the Manali side, one may following the following route:


Manali > Rohtang > Keylong > Udaipur > Tindi

The Pangi valley extends for about 100km from Kala naala, which bisects the Udaipur-Tindi road.

From the Jammu (and Kashmir) side, one may approach the Pangi Valley via:


Udhampur > PatniTop> Batote> Doda > Kishtwar > Gulabgarh

From the Chamba Side, one my approach Pangi via:


Chamba > Tissa > Bhanjraru > Bhairagarh > Satrundi > The mighty Sach Pass > Killar

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If crossing waterfalls that cascade onto the road, deep, fast flowing rivulets carving through mud paths and 60ft high snow walls are your thing, you are at the right place! the Pangi valley has everything for every kind of thrill seeker!

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