It started as an idea thrown about by Mani at Indian Coffee House in sector 17. A day later we had thought of content, two days later we had photos, design and printing took another two weeks and lo! we had a small newsletter of our club, RoadSurvivors. Ideas for the fourth issue have been put in place. It has been an exciting journey of three months with weekends spent fighting over which photo makes the cover, who decides punchlines etc. (We’re bikers, we do that ūüėÄ ). Designed by Kat Kozell, the magazine showcases community centric articles. As we’re gearing up for Rider Mania, related articles for the event will start showing up soon! stay tuned!


Dugg Dugg Times, Web, 2015

#dohajaarpandrah came, rocked and is still fresh in our hearts as we travel towards Central India to RM2016 #fullpower! We didnt notice the year that flew by and took too much time to deliver this issue, sadly! #fullpower is the second innings for the Wanderlust MC club of the Orange city of Nagpur who first hosted Rider Mania in 2007. With expectations set a notch higher (hic!) at #dohajaarpandrah, riders have started flocking to #fullpower at Nagpur! This edition of the Dugg Dugg times celebrates the excitement, fervor and the unending spirit of riders who came to #dohajaarpandrah. We salute you and dedicate this issue to you, guys! YOU made this happen. This edition belongs to YOU! Read the magazine online here.


#dohajaarpandrah had us on our toes and the very eagerly awaited edition for September turned into October, November and finally December. An inherent part of each goodie bag, the December Edition of the Dugg Dugg Times Winterfest edition was showcased at the Ceat Bobmc Rider Mania #dohajaarpandrah. Read more here.



With the ides of August lapping at our heels and the day of the Indian Independence long gone, We were still stuck with some legal jargon, struggling to get the July issue out. It is now the 19th. Before the dreamy articles in the last issue lose their sheen, we proudly present our July Edition! Albeit a bit late-but better late than never eh? The issue has finally been printed, and will be in your hands shortly. We are back, and we hope that the next issue will be on time! Please accept our apologies for the uncustomary delay. Check this page to see it online!


Dugg Dugg Times, July'14

Dugg Dugg Times, July’14


The second(June) issue was put together in just five days with our lead designer going on a two week vacation for her anniversary. This issue showcases three bikers driving through the lofty Himalayas at Pang,  about 175 km from Leh. Pang is a small settlement where bikers stop over for the night before proceeding to Leh- The capital of the Ladakh region in India. The magazine showcases the moderator of the RoadSurvivors Club- JoJo Khurana, known by his call sign Easy Rider. This issue was the Ladakh Special issue as June is the month when most people plan to visit Ladakh. An article with bike preps was included in the centerfold story. Please click on the image below to download the June issue.

The second edition of the Dugg Dugg times published in June, 14.

The second edition of the Dugg Dugg times published in June, 14.


The first issue showcases a picture of my motorcycle at the Baralacha pass in 2008. Powerful, serene and captivating, the Baralacha La is one of the most amazing passes around! Gayathri Natrajan, a motorcyclist from Hyderabad is the member in spotlight for the month of May. Originally a part of the Wolfe Pack motorcycle club, she stayed in Chandigarh for a while and rode with RoadSurvivors during that period. Click the image below to download the May issue.

The cover pic for the Inaugural issue of May 14.

The first edition of the Dugg Dugg times published in may, 14.

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