Ladakh-Jammu and Kashmir

Ladakh-Jammu and Kashmir

Every summer, thousands of bikers, riders, drivers and other “ers” make a beeline for Ladakh. Most of us have no real idea about what Ladakh is, what Leh is or the difference between Leh, Ladakh, its spelling and general information about its location and areas surrounding it.

Here’s a small primer about Ladakh so the uninitiated can gain some insight about the region before they plan a visit.

What is Ladakh, Ladhak, Leh, Lay, Julley, julleh, what is all the hype about anyway?

ladakh jammu kashmir map

Map of Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir- Click to open this in a new window.


Ladakh is a mountainous region in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in northern India that extends from the Kunlun Mountain range to the higher Himalayas in the Southern region of Kashmir. The word La Dakh means the land of high passes. Written as ལ་དྭགས  in the local (Ladakhi/Tibetan) script, Ladakh boasts of spectacular and breathtaking landscapes, surreal vistas and pristine, untouched beauty in most areas.

At an altitude of 11,562ft, Leh is the most important city in Ladakh, followed by Kargil and Dras.