The Kikar Lodge is silent today. The last tent has just been folded, packed and stashed away in the store. Rooms have been cleaned and restored to their former glory-sans the occupants. The resort itself seems desolate. Although the sounds of roaring engines, cheering riders and music are still ringing in the ears of the ones inhabiting this area, they too, miss the flurry of activity. Yet, not a week ago this resort, the small town and villages around it were abub with excitement as riders from across the country descended for a three day extravaganza called Rider Mania. Children lined the passage to the resort as volley upon volley of riders flocked to the Kikar Lodge.

What an event this was! Three exciting days full of fun and frolic! A biker’s haven had been conjured by the Road Survivors Club at the Kikar Lodge for BOBMC Rider Mania 2015- aka #dohajaarpandrah presented by CEAT. Riders rode in till dawn each day in the freezing cold, filled their bellies with hot food and ale, danced, sang and made merry with their brethren!

Rider Mania is considered a pilgrimage akin the ride to Ladakh, something a rider must accomplish once, and then repeat each year. A travelling Mecca for riders influenced by local culture and cuisine where it travels to, Rider Mania is the foremost biking festival for Royal Enfield Enthusiasts the world over.
This is a short film by Vikas Balram aka “Selfie” depicting the events behind the scenes, the prep and the work that went into creating the wildest, awesomest and the most boisterous Rider Mania yet! Come, relive the memories with us! #dohajaarpandrah, we miss you!