Twelve years ago a group of crazy bikers got together and decided to create a platform for a congregation of like minded people from far and wide so they could ride, meet, think, eat, drink and talk about the things they had in common: their wanderlust and their love for motorcycles of the Royal Enfield marque. The first edition of the event, christened “Rider Mania” by Vernon Dias was held at the Old Anchor resort in South Goa. A group of 70 riders participated in this event. This event has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. From an event that was confined to Goa, riders of the motorcycling fraternity decided to change this event into colorful, diverse and dynamic gatheric of motorcyclists from all corners of the country and Rider Mania became an event that traveled all over the country, dragging its loyalists along in ever increasing numbers as it traversed the length and breadth of the country.

Rider Mania announcement poster

Rider Mania announcement poster

Rider Mania has now nearly traversed cross country- from Goa to Panvel, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Ooty, Mumbai, Kolkota, New Delhi, Sohra(Cherapunjee), Mammalapuram and its current destination is to the granary of India-The land of five rivers, vigor, vitality and fervor-Punjab. Hosted by the Road Survivors club of Chandigarh, the event will be at its northernmost location yet. Riders from all over country have marked their calenders and are raring to start riding towards the location for Rider Mania 2015 better known as #Dohajaarpandrah. The event will be held at Kikar Lodge, a forest resort in Nurpur Bedi in the Rupnagar district in Punjab. Event dates are 23,24,24 Jan, 2015.

rs_new_logoRider Mania has grown from 70 odd participants in 2003 to 1200 in Mahab, attendance has steadily been growing, with the call of the open roads and the opportunity to interact with like minded individuals who have gathered together from far and wide to witness the largest non-commercial congregation of bikers ever!

BOBMCLogoSmallWith over 70 participating clubs from across the country, The BOBMC Rider Mania or “Brotherhood of Bulleteers Motorcycle Consortium Rider Mania” is now in its thirteenth iteration and it is all in the hands of the Road Survivors to make it as awesome as they can! Rider Mania has been known by many names. The year 2006 had the punchline “Caman the enjaiment”. 2009 was the time for Rider Mania RTMC ishtyle. Beaster Mania was the tag for the 2012 event. 2013 was called RM East. Rider Mania 2014 was held in Mahab by the Madras Bulls club and they invited bikers from all over to “come home” to the birthplace of the Royal Enfield Motorcycle in India. The title for 2015 was clinched by Road Survivors, the Chandigarh Bullet Club spearheaded by JoJo, their well traveled moderator. Christened “Dohajaarpandrah” which means 2015, the Chandigarh club plans to leave no stone unturned in making this event a memorable one. Event dates are 23,24,24 Jan, 2015.


“We plan to awesomeize the number 13!!!” echoed the group. “jee aayan nu”, said their moderator JoJo. We welcome everyone to the coolest Rider Mania yet. Come, experience the knuckle freezing cold first [email protected] Dohajaarpandrah! So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this article, head to and grab what is left of the seats that were almost sold out overnight. Event dates are 23,24,24 Jan, 2015.

Please visit the BOBMC website for further information or Call [email protected] 9814811574 / [email protected] 9815469121 / [email protected] 8591249415 for any problems you might face.

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